When several or all teeth are missing, dental implants may be used to support a bridge or a denture. The bridge replaces the lost natural teeth and some of the tooth roots and does not require support from adjacent teeth. Similarly, dentures stabilized by implants can replace the missing teeth. Because the dental implants integrate with the jawbone, an implant-supported denture tends to be comfortable and stable, allowing you to bite and chew naturally.
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Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Conventional dentures can move when eating certain foods. And with that in mind, it can be hard to have full confidence in your dentures when eating. The dentures or bridges stabilized by implants solve the stability issues by helping restore the natural chewing capacity of the mouth. They can anchor dentures or bridges firmly in place, enabling you to get through most foods with no issues.

A Confident Speaker

Just as dental-implant-stabilized dentures or bridges help you eat confidently, they will also enable you to speak more confidently — free of the fear that your conventional dentures will slide around in your mouth and distort your words.

A Confident Smile

The shifting of conventional dentures can throw your smile off. Dentures or bridges stabilized by implants can give your smile a second chance. With dental implants, you do not have to worry about even the slightest shift in your dentures getting your smile ready when it is time for your closeup.

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